UPDATE 7-30-21

A couple more pub gigs then I'm off to theater land to perform in STAGES St. Louis' "Always...Patsy Cline" for the next 5 weeks.

Factory Showroom with be returning on 8/22 as well, so stay tuned!

More info soon. Take care.



St. Louis native Kevin Buckley is a critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer.  Raised playing Irish Traditional fiddle music, Buckley toured and competed nationally and internationally, earning many winning titles and establishing himself as a key proponent of the Irish-American music scene.  During these formative years, Buckley acquired a 4 track cassette recorder and also began performing with garage rock, country and swing bands on a wide range of string instruments. By the mid-2000’s, Buckley had come to produce a large body of original work via the now electrified band, Grace Basement, gaining international notice for his songwriting and record production. The musical journey still continues to this day. For some, versatility is a survival mode, but for Buckley it is a way of life and an opportunity to work with many wonderful people.



In addition to his solo work, here are Buckley's current projects (check out the links below). Check out the Shows page for upcoming appearances.  

Grace Basement - a long standing bedroom recording project turned St. Louis rock and roll staple. 

Keepin' it Reel - duet with Ian Walsh and guests.

Pappy with a Hatchet - 4 piece Irish American Bluegrass cross-over band featuring Alan Murray, Dan Lowery (both from the Colin Farrel Band and The Bronx Boys) and Ian Walsh (Keepin' it Reel - the Buckley and Walsh duo).

The Western Satellites, - Every Sunday at Joanie's.  Western Swing outfit featuring Margarete Bianchetta, Jon Ferber, Vince Corkery and Bob Briedenbach.







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Photo by Nate Burrell